Are you creative, or creHATEive?

Thursday, 04 July 2013 by

Account guy: Hey, we have a new project from the big client. Creative guy: Oh, sweet. What is it? Account guy: It’s a national ad campaign. There’s money for a youtube TV spot, some interactive content and a series of e-magazine ads. Creative guy: Score. When do we get briefed? Account guy: Tomorrow, after the

I’ve gotten lost, plenty of times, in a sea of cool type treatments, aggressive tension and bold colour palettes. I’ve done layouts that I started at 10 in the morning, and snapped out of it around 1:30am, realizing that other than coffee …I’ve not left my desk – I was too into it. But, my

“We need to see a bunch of options. Here’s the brief. See you Monday.” It’s Friday at 4:16pm. So, what are your next steps? Well, you have a deadline, and (hopefully) a clear idea about the project. Assuming you do (if you don’t, you’re not ready to start. Stop them from leaving your office/desk/whatever and

I’m willing to go out on a limb, and say I’ve been more guilty of this than you. That’s because I’ve been around for a few years, and I’ve spent plenty of my career being good and surly. Part of that is feeling entitled to be so, due to a creative temperament. Partly because it

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More “getting bad TV spots off my chest”… A negative does not equal a positive. Many times, when creative people don’t have a real idea, they default to “humour”. Sometimes, it’s enough to be funny. It’s better to be clever, but if you can’t get there, funny’s not a bad solution. Provided it’s actually funny.

Weird things happen…

Friday, 10 May 2013 by

I was at the grocery store before coming home one night, buying stuff as usual. Chicken (skinless, boneless), organic greens, strawberries, raspberries, olive oil, brown rice, cans of tuna, cooking spices, soap, Qtips, and toilet paper. Me: I’ll pay through interac, thanks. Cashier: Okay sir, go ahead… Me: Do you offer cash-back at this location?

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