More “getting bad TV spots off my chest”… A negative does not equal a positive. Many times, when creative people don’t have a real idea, they default to “humour”. Sometimes, it’s enough to be funny. It’s better to be clever, but if you can’t get there, funny’s not a bad solution. Provided it’s actually funny.

Dumb TV commercial #2…

Thursday, 09 May 2013 by

I recently went off on a Swiss Chalet TV spot for being stupid, and I thought to myself, “Well …that’s my fun for the next 6-8 months.” Normally, there’s almost a year between those types of TV spots – the ones that truly reach lower than low, creatively speaking. Well, its been about 2 months,

I’m a creative professional, so really stupid TV commercials stick out in my mind. Its part of the creative process to shake an idea down and check it for weak spots. In other words, if you can poke holes in it and reveal the crappy-ness of an idea, you try another one. …apparently, the agency