Don’t settle… for a job you don’t want. Don’t settle… for half the rate you charge. Don’t settle… for an unfair wage. Don’t settle… for work from a client who abuses you. Don’t settle… for cancelling your plans and personal life because a boss who doesn’t care said so. I could go on all day,

I don’t buy into the idea of “right and wrong” when it comes to creative work. I learned early in my career, that the best poster I can possibly design will NOT work ANY more effectively than an 8.5×11 printout from the average word processing application created by a non-professional. As long as all the

You’ll encounter different kinds of people in the creative business, on both client side and agency side. Just know this – all things equal (meaning you’ve addressed the brief and the work is solid), every comment, critique, suggestion, edit, accolade, shout out, shout at and all the rest are 100% about the person delivering the

The creative tug-of-war

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One of the biggest responsibilities of being a production artist is being the bridge between creative and accounting. It is very likely that as a production artist, you are the last one to interact with the creative product before the work goes out to the printer or digital supplier. But, you may be pressured from

Reason 10: Because your work is beautiful People generally are far more comfortable with things that can be measured, than with things that can be felt. We put a high value on not looking silly, or weird, or like we failed at something. If I fill the pitcher with water, it’s filled. If I empty

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One of the most commonly held beliefs almost all creative pros (current, and in the making) have, is that their work sucks. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. The people who say “My work doesn’t suck” have been there too. I don’t claim to know the why’s and wherefore’s of that self-deprecation tendency we all