If you missed them, here are parts 1, 2 and 3 As you’ve seen already, a good graphic design case study is very simple: it’s just a short story about a business that also happens to show off how good you are. It’s like any article you’d read in a newspaper, or any short story

How to sell an idea

Thursday, 18 December 2014 by

Right off the bat, I’ll admit that calling this article “How to sell an idea” is a conceit – as though there’s a way, and I know it for sure. I’ll only nerd-out a little by quoting the fictional Captain Jean Luc Picard… “That, is a conceit. But, a healthy one”. While it’s not possible

Presenting creative concepts or design options is tricky. If you just slide a laser print across the board room table for your client to look at, you often run the risk of boring them into a lack of confidence in your design ability. That sounds like a generalization, I know. But, it’s not. There’s something

A great, and super-simple way to elevate your creative presentations, is with an eyebrow line and a simple page slug on your creative pages. It’s amazing how much more organized your work will be and how much better it will show when you set up a clean simple presentation template for client meetings. Here’s how

Really great presenters, don’t show clients “concepts”. It’s easy to think that, because they’re so good at presenting. If you boil it down, the biggest agencies in the world, with the top creative people, still have to create layouts with page dimensions, typefaces, images and dynamic media. They’re no different than you or me, in