Several years ago, before I had any experience with web design – and only a basic knowledge of html – I started thinking I should expand my skills, and web design seemed like the right place to start. There was a web team at the agency, and a creative group head who looked after it.

Presenting creative concepts or design options is tricky. If you just slide a laser print across the board room table for your client to look at, you often run the risk of boring them into a lack of confidence in your design ability. That sounds like a generalization, I know. But, it’s not. There’s something

Reason 6: There are very few rights and wrongs. You’re allowed the occasional “phone in”. There are peaks and valleys in every portfolio. If you looked at 100 portfolios of designers and art directors, you’d see a broad spectrum of different skill-levels, styles and experience. However, in almost all those 100 books, you’re only seeing

One of the most commonly held beliefs almost all creative pros (current, and in the making) have, is that their work sucks. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. The people who say “My work doesn’t suck” have been there too. I don’t claim to know the why’s and wherefore’s of that self-deprecation tendency we all