(In case you missed them, here are part 1, and part 2 of this 4 part series – Shawn) We’ve seen how crucial story is to a good case study, but how does that story contribute to good marketing? 1. STORIES ARE DESIGN Keep something in mind while writing your case study: a woman tied to

In part 1, we learned how to set up the beginning of a good case study, and we learned that’s based on good story structure. So, what happens in the middle? In Act 2? And how does it all end? 1. THE WORK In the last post, we discussed how the creative brief is like

Play to your creative strengths

Sunday, 25 August 2013 by

I studied martial arts for years, and I find it holds many relevant concepts that can be applied to every day life. If you watch mixed martial arts competitions, there’s a recurring theme in the fight approach used among the top fighters – fight to your strengths. If you’re a striker, don’t try and grapple

Typography – nerd-style

Saturday, 06 July 2013 by

Here are some cool bits about the anatomy of a typographic character for you design-nerds. I personally love this kind of stuff. Unless you plan to be a type developer or font designer, this information won’t have very much relevance to what you do in an average day, as a graphic designer, but knowing about