I used to start designing at the top of the page on my layouts. The first thing I’d do is place the main image or graphic, and get it the way I liked it. Then, add the headline. Make it big, bold type… yeah, that’s it. Looks good. Hit save. Then, add the body copy

When you have to show a row of photos, particularly portraits, cropping them consistently will help avoid odd-looking elements in your layout. Here’s an example of a row of images that has not been cropped for consistency: Notice that, while well shot and pleasant photos, they aren’t treated the same way. This is a result

Here’s my first speed video. Concert poster for Anu Beginning, featuring two of their tracks, and photography by Dan McQuillan.   +6

Here’s my youtube video on basic image cropping ideas.   +8

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Here’s my youtube video on some ways typography and design work together.   +6

Here’s my youtube video tutorial about designing to a feature on the page.   +6