I’ve gone to a few meme sites over the years, like RageBuilder and Cheezberger and spent hours clicking through all the weird stuff that gets uploaded there. It’s 90% time-wasters at best, but there’s 10% (maybe) that are pure gold. Not only are the rare memes you’ll find funny, but some of them are layered

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Dear Mr K Dilkington.

Saturday, 06 July 2013 by

You have to get the small stuff right. In business, you can make a mistake, and customers will forgive you (most of the time) if all things are equal and it’s an honest mistake. Unless you’re in retail dealing with the public. People are funny about things, but that’s another topic. However, there’s one mistake

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More “getting bad TV spots off my chest”… A negative does not equal a positive. Many times, when creative people don’t have a real idea, they default to “humour”. Sometimes, it’s enough to be funny. It’s better to be clever, but if you can’t get there, funny’s not a bad solution. Provided it’s actually funny.

“You Dance like an IDIOT!” “But he makes my heart feel good.” “O…kay” I hated the first round of spots with the dudes and the grizzly bear. This guy makes me chuckle. Plus, the daughter is hot. The chips suck, incidentally. +4

Dumb TV commercial #2…

Thursday, 09 May 2013 by

I recently went off on a Swiss Chalet TV spot for being stupid, and I thought to myself, “Well …that’s my fun for the next 6-8 months.” Normally, there’s almost a year between those types of TV spots – the ones that truly reach lower than low, creatively speaking. Well, its been about 2 months,