The creative tug-of-war

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 by

One of the biggest responsibilities of being a production artist is being the bridge between creative and accounting. It is very likely that as a production artist, you are the last one to interact with the creative product before the work goes out to the printer or digital supplier. But, you may be pressured from

The best method to improve your overall design and creative skills is to work with people who’s work you admire. People who are as good as you want to be. However, this requires a strong mental resolve – inevitably, you’re going to get frustrated when your work isn’t as good as theirs after the second

Don’t let the messy desks you’ll find in a creative shop fool you. There are creative directors (they know who they are), with a post-apocalyptic layer of lasers, magazines and marker pads all over every surface of the office. There are art directors with gym bags open and spilling out, old shirts hung behind the

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Here’s my latest youtube video. It’s a few ways to think about creating mood and emotion in creative. +5

“We need to see a bunch of options. Here’s the brief. See you Monday.” It’s Friday at 4:16pm. So, what are your next steps? Well, you have a deadline, and (hopefully) a clear idea about the project. Assuming you do (if you don’t, you’re not ready to start. Stop them from leaving your office/desk/whatever and