One of the BIGGEST challenges for creative industry novices, juniors and everyone still breathing is to avoid the pitfalls of client direction. But that said, there’s a further pitfall … knowing when to speak your mind, or when to walk away. I recently had a client ask me for a logo design. Here’s what they¬†said:

Handling Turnover meetings

Friday, 22 November 2013 by

A turn over meeting between the designer/account person and production artist are usually pretty routine. Gather at a large table, display all the lasers and artwork, discuss what’s needed and you’re finished. Easy enough. Yet, I find in most cases the information is usually disorganized with many of the elements either jotted down in unreadable

When you get negative feedback on your work, it’s never easy to hear. What makes the feedback more difficult to interpret is the reality that it seldom actually has anything to do with your work in the first place. Bear this in mind – almost every bit of creative feedback you receive, is about how

For years, and years, I had a basic struggle with creative initiative. I’ll go as far to say that I’ve not entirely overcome it – mostly, yes, but I still get caught. See if this rings true to you: you’re laying out a page, and you’re 3/4s done, and you notice there’s something about the

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