Doubts… yup, we all have them

Friday, 24 October 2014 by

Some recent emails got me thinking about a subject that, for years now, hasn’t been an issue for me. Doubt. Particularly, creative self-doubt. The fact it hasn’t been an issue for me isn’t because I’m somehow great, and never feel doubt anymore. It’s because I’ve never stopped doubting myself and my work, but have learned

Several years ago, before I had any experience with web design – and only a basic knowledge of html – I started thinking I should expand my skills, and web design seemed like the right place to start. There was a web team at the agency, and a creative group head who looked after it.

Reason 6: There are very few rights and wrongs. You’re allowed the occasional “phone in”. There are peaks and valleys in every portfolio. If you looked at 100 portfolios of designers and art directors, you’d see a broad spectrum of different skill-levels, styles and experience. However, in almost all those 100 books, you’re only seeing

Dear Mr K Dilkington.

Saturday, 06 July 2013 by

You have to get the small stuff right. In business, you can make a mistake, and customers will forgive you (most of the time) if all things are equal and it’s an honest mistake. Unless you’re in retail dealing with the public. People are funny about things, but that’s another topic. However, there’s one mistake

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Years ago, I almost called a client Mildew. That’s not her name. That was a nickname. A nickname I’d been calling her by for about 6 months around the office. It was not an affectionate nickname. Was it funny? Yes. Had she completely earned it? 100%, in my opinion. Was it smart to walk around

Are you creative, or creHATEive?

Thursday, 04 July 2013 by

Account guy: Hey, we have a new project from the big client. Creative guy: Oh, sweet. What is it? Account guy: It’s a national ad campaign. There’s money for a youtube TV spot, some interactive content and a series of e-magazine ads. Creative guy: Score. When do we get briefed? Account guy: Tomorrow, after the