I’m going to just say it …don’t bother trying to stand out in a crowd. I promise you, there’s always someone (or someones) willing to out-yell you, out-dress you, out-cheap you and generally jump around like a baboon to make more noise than you. And, they’ll use all that energy to scramble for as many

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When colour separation was first introduced in InDesign I was ecstatic. It was just so awe-inspiring. It was like discovering Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father all over again. Of course, my background being in the pre-press discipline this feature was of great interest to me. Not so much, however, for my fellow artists at

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I don’t buy into the idea of “right and wrong” when it comes to creative work. I learned early in my career, that the best poster I can possibly design will NOT work ANY more effectively than an 8.5×11 printout from the average word processing application created by a non-professional. As long as all the

Presenting creative concepts or design options is tricky. If you just slide a laser print across the board room table for your client to look at, you often run the risk of boring them into a lack of confidence in your design ability. That sounds like a generalization, I know. But, it’s not. There’s something