Dumb TV commercial #2…

Thursday, 09 May 2013 by

I’m a creative professional, so really stupid TV commercials stick out in my mind. Its part of the creative process to shake an idea down and check it for weak spots. In other words, if you can poke holes in it and reveal the crappy-ness of an idea, you try another one. …apparently, the agency

I’m sitting here NOT doing the dishes. And, since I just started this blog a few hours ago, I concluded I can write something and NOT do the dishes for a little longer. Here goes… Truth. Perception. Reality. Truth is what happened. Perception is what value you assigned to it, or what you learned from

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Here’s my video on basic typesetting.   +5

Here’s my youtube video on basic image cropping ideas.   +8

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Here’s my youtube video on some ways typography and design work together.   +6