“” <- has my name on it, because …well, someone’s had to be on it. But, this site isn’t only mine. It’s yours as well. It’s a site where you can come to learn, and take part in conversations with creative professionals. Each contributor to this site is a volunteer.

No discussions, video tutorials, tips, tricks or advice will EVER be tied to a financial outcome on this site. Period. That’s a promise. My courses on Keenjar may be monetized, to help support the efforts of the developers – even that will be a minimal (token) fee. Myself and my friends are here to talk about our creative motives, passions and ideas because it’s fun, and we learn from each other. That’s how creative people grow. You’re welcome to join in. Just register. It’s FREE, and no one …NO ONE, ever, will receive your email address or information.

If you have enjoyed my youtube videos, posts by myself or other contributors or any part of this site, and you have the means, you can donate. But, you’ll never be asked to. Period. That won’t change tomorrow. You won’t sign up, then get an email with a “Buy now” or “Upgrade” offer. It’s FREE. Period. Your donations ($1, $10, $100, whatever) will just go to the contributor, and be respectfully received and appreciated. If you don’t have $1, then just give your gratitude. Comment on a post, and let us know you appreciate it. That’s just as good as your money.

Below is my personal Paypal button. If you look at the profile pages of other contributors, they may also display a button. You can donate to me, or to them if you feel moved to do so.

GUARANTEE: if donations to me reach $1000 (no time limit – if that’s 6 years from now, the offer stands), I will donate 10 hours of creative time to any human rights organization, Like Amnesty International, Because I’m a Girl, or others you can nominate.