Christian Beausoleil,

I am an off-site freelancer working out of my home studio. I work with clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities.

With over 23 years experience as both a freelancer and full-time employee in many capacities, I’ve been working out of my own studio on a full-time basis now for over 7 years. I have held the titles of Illustrator, Creative Director, Art Director and Designer. However, being my own boss is what works best for me and my clients.

I have an unwritten rule to always push the envelope. To always expect the unexpected and embrace the whirlwind of activity. Every new project must push the boundaries of creativity and give me a swift kick in the ass to get out of my comfort zone.

My career is based solely on one thing: Passion!

You might say it’s borderline obsession.

Since the age of 7, I knew where I was going with my professional life. At the age of 10 I was selling sketches of Star Wars and E.T. to friends and family for $10 each. I was a fanatic, and I still am. I love sketches, airbrushing, painting. And on any surface. I aced my art classes in high school and had a 4.0 average in college… It WAS a passion!

I love anything in art and design. From Art Deco, Post Modernism, Renaissance… you name it. I’m a big fan of artists such as Alberto Vargas, Tamara De Lempicka, Olivia De Berardinis, Chris “Coop” Cooper, Chip Foose, Herald Belker, Derek Hess, and many, many others. I love 3D modelling & rendering, Photoshopped imagery, typography, logo design, signage, and I’m constantly trying to figure out how someone creates the art that I see. I even walk around and admire how nature does it so well, and I try to figure out how I could recreate something so beautiful on a computer.

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    Pumped! Welcome Chris.

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    Nice Mustang

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