Anthony Nowicke

I’m a freelance copywriter out of Louisville, Kentucky with over three years experience now, having covered such diverse topics as outdoor pet care, internet marketing, and diesel mechanics. Now, I’m moving into specializing exclusively for the graphic design industry.

My love for graphic design is fairly new. Just a few years ago, a friend of mine showed me one of those passe kinetic typography videos. As a literary type, I loved its emphasis on words. It was the first time I really saw what language looks like. That led to eating up graphic design in general, and since, it’s become a main passion in life. It only makes sense to combine that with my other main passion – writing.

I’ve gained some experience in graphic design itself, too, having provided business cards, flyers, and brand identity to artists and businesses across the country. Nothing too spectacular, but I love having insight into the graphic design process. It’s like getting to play along.

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