Here’s my youtube video on image editing, re-posted. It’s about different image treatments, and a few options to consider when deciding what photos to use. Custom images by Anthony Taylor +6

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Here’s my youtube video on working to a design theme, re-posted. Hope you enjoy it.   Download the creative PDF here > +5

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Here’s my second speed design video, re-posted from my youtube channel. I created some promo materials for a new album for the band SexyDangerous. Enjoy… Check out SexyDangerous Check out Creative Congo +6

Here’s my youtube video on working through design limitations, re-published. Hope you enjoy it. +6

Here’s my latest youtube video. It’s a few ways to think about creating mood and emotion in creative. +5

Here’s my first speed video. Concert poster for Anu Beginning, featuring two of their tracks, and photography by Dan McQuillan.   +6