An easy concept that’s sometimes more challenging to implement in your designs is graphic balance. If you’re using a thin typographic treatment, what kind of graphic icons, keylines and buttons will work best? Well, there’s obviously no one answer to that question. That’s the magic of design …discovering that graphic balance for each creative project.

A great, and super-simple way to elevate your creative presentations, is with an eyebrow line and a simple page slug on your creative pages. It’s amazing how much more organized your work will be and how much better it will show when you set up a clean simple presentation template for client meetings. Here’s how

Bullet lists often get treated with a bit of disregard in long copy documents, newsletters and sales sheets, but they can be tweaked quickly with a couple simple settings. Nicely organized bullet lists can make your page design much easier to navigate, and the information much easier to consume. Here are a couple examples: This

When you have to show a row of photos, particularly portraits, cropping them consistently will help avoid odd-looking elements in your layout. Here’s an example of a row of images that has not been cropped for consistency: Notice that, while well shot and pleasant photos, they aren’t treated the same way. This is a result

Here’s a quick note on centering elements on a page. If you want a center-oriented layout, just be mindful of the content and flow of your elements. For example, if you have long and short copy bullets, they can start to look unbalanced if they’re spread too wide across the page. Overall balance is something

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