Sure, there are plenty of “rules” in graphic design. But, those rules are about the same importance as the rules of dating. Dress nice, smell good, act confident. But, that by no means, is a definitive list. If you asked 200 “dating experts”, or just guys and gals with game, they’d likely all say some

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It’s the “Backstreet Boys” marketing approach. You’ve likely heard how that works – if you tell people something is “the new craze that’s sweeping the nation”, they’ll believe it. You see evidence of that in social media every day, but it looks like something else. It looks like …Likes. “Wow, this page has 12,319 fans.

When you get negative feedback on your work, it’s never easy to hear. What makes the feedback more difficult to interpret is the reality that it seldom actually has anything to do with your work in the first place. Bear this in mind – almost every bit of creative feedback you receive, is about how

I’d done my share of working around the clock. I don’t mean, until 10:15pm, either. I mean, from 8:30am Tuesday, through to 7:45pm Wednesday. In one particular agency, where this was far too normal, we had a term for it (because it happened so often, we actually had to call it something) – it was,

Years ago, I almost called a client Mildew. That’s not her name. That was a nickname. A nickname I’d been calling her by for about 6 months around the office. It was not an affectionate nickname. Was it funny? Yes. Had she completely earned it? 100%, in my opinion. Was it smart to walk around

Are you creative, or creHATEive?

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Account guy: Hey, we have a new project from the big client. Creative guy: Oh, sweet. What is it? Account guy: It’s a national ad campaign. There’s money for a youtube TV spot, some interactive content and a series of e-magazine ads. Creative guy: Score. When do we get briefed? Account guy: Tomorrow, after the