Reason 10: Because your work is beautiful People generally are far more comfortable with things that can be measured, than with things that can be felt. We put a high value on not looking silly, or weird, or like we failed at something. If I fill the pitcher with water, it’s filled. If I empty

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Reason 9: You can’t see the forest for the trees Have you ever seen someone for the first time in 3 years, and immediately blurted out something like, “Wow! You look great!”, or “Jeez, you changed your whole style. I love the blond thing!” or whatever? Happens all the time. The reality is, the big

Reason 8: Creative work only looks easy Design, art direction, illustration, copywriting – any creative act, really – can be described as follows: Take a complex idea, and use social, pop-cultural, intellectual, comical references and insights and create a simple statement, graphic, headline, whatever, that delivers the idea in a way that does not appear

Reason 7: The butterfly effect. There isn’t one answer to any layout. There’s no such thing as the right or wrong way to do something. There’s the simple truth that if what you are trying to communicate is there, on the page (virtual or literal), you succeeded. Here’s another dose of reality: The worst creative

Reason 6: There are very few rights and wrongs. You’re allowed the occasional “phone in”. There are peaks and valleys in every portfolio. If you looked at 100 portfolios of designers and art directors, you’d see a broad spectrum of different skill-levels, styles and experience. However, in almost all those 100 books, you’re only seeing

Reason 5: How do YOU know it sucks? My tabla teacher said something to me once that I’ve never forgotten. He’s said several things I’ve never forgotten, in point of fact. This is just the one that fits now. My teacher’s teacher is a world-famous tabla player. I mentioned to my teacher that I loved