If you missed them, here are parts 1, 2 and 3 As you’ve seen already, a good graphic design case study is very simple: it’s just a short story about a business that also happens to show off how good you are. It’s like any article you’d read in a newspaper, or any short story

I remember the feeling, quite vividly, that I chose the wrong profession. In fact, I’d felt that way so often in the early parts of my career that it’s sort of a miracle I made it this far at all. That’s NOT because I didn’t enjoy graphic design and creative. I loved it, the entire

I was chatting online today with site contributor Anthony, and I was reminded of that double-edged sword all freelancers swing at one time or another. “I want the work” and “I’ve got the work”. Sounds like a no-brainer, but not so fast. You DO want the work, yes. And it’s good news when you get it,

Don’t settle… for a job you don’t want. Don’t settle… for half the rate you charge. Don’t settle… for an unfair wage. Don’t settle… for work from a client who abuses you. Don’t settle… for cancelling your plans and personal life because a boss who doesn’t care said so. I could go on all day,

Doubts… yup, we all have them

Friday, 24 October 2014 by

Some recent emails got me thinking about a subject that, for years now, hasn’t been an issue for me. Doubt. Particularly, creative self-doubt. The fact it hasn’t been an issue for me isn’t because I’m somehow great, and never feel doubt anymore. It’s because I’ve never stopped doubting myself and my work, but have learned

Play to your creative strengths

Sunday, 25 August 2013 by

I studied martial arts for years, and I find it holds many relevant concepts that can be applied to every day life. If you watch mixed martial arts competitions, there’s a recurring theme in the fight approach used among the top fighters – fight to your strengths. If you’re a striker, don’t try and grapple