Here’s my youtube video on working through design limitations, re-published. Hope you enjoy it. +6

Don’t let the messy desks you’ll find in a creative shop fool you. There are creative directors (they know who they are), with a post-apocalyptic layer of lasers, magazines and marker pads all over every surface of the office. There are art directors with gym bags open and spilling out, old shirts hung behind the

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I’ve gotten lost, plenty of times, in a sea of cool type treatments, aggressive tension and bold colour palettes. I’ve done layouts that I started at 10 in the morning, and snapped out of it around 1:30am, realizing that other than coffee …I’ve not left my desk – I was too into it. But, my

Here’s my first speed video. Concert poster for Anu Beginning, featuring two of their tracks, and photography by Dan McQuillan.   +6

Here’s my youtube video on basic image cropping ideas.   +8

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Here’s my youtube video on a couple creative approach options to web design.   +5

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