You have a project that requires images or articles, and there are a lot of them. That’s normal. Here’s where it gets tricky… Client: Can we put some images of the seminar on page 6? You: Sure, just let me know which images are needed. Client: Okay, use the blue river images. (You look in

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There’s a very interesting website and online resource called “Time Tracker” on A friend and former CD of mine sent me a link to the site a few months back. I spent a couple weeks looking it over and finally signed up for the service about 3 weeks ago. Essentially, you sign up, and

I used to walk by my writing partner’s office all the time, and glance in on the way past. Often, I’d see him with his feet up, leaning back in his chair with his green tea steeping on his desk. Every so often, I’d stop and stare at him. He’d look over from his daydream-like

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The best method to improve your overall design and creative skills is to work with people who’s work you admire. People who are as good as you want to be. However, this requires a strong mental resolve – inevitably, you’re going to get frustrated when your work isn’t as good as theirs after the second

I could explain almost every project I’ve done, in my career, in the following way: I was presented a complex idea, and asked to make it simple. That’s truly the sweet-spot for any concept, copy line, illustration or layout. Poets do it. Singers do it. Artists do it. Public speakers (try to) do it. So