How to sell an idea

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Right off the bat, I’ll admit that calling this article “How to sell an idea” is a conceit – as though there’s a way, and I know it for sure. I’ll only nerd-out a little by quoting the fictional Captain Jean Luc Picard… “That, is a conceit. But, a healthy one”. While it’s not possible

Well done, Harry’s

Monday, 05 May 2014 by

I’ve been keeping an eye on a website I’ve seen promoted a lot, lately. So, I recently bought a shaving kit from Harry’s and I was pretty impressed with the whole deal, so I thought I’d share the consumer journey.   Nice website design…     Here’s the kit I ordered…     Couple days go by.

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Here’s my youtube video on working to a design theme, re-posted. Hope you enjoy it.   Download the creative PDF here > +5

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I admit this, flat out …if you’re a micro-manager, I’m laughing to myself about the stress you cause yourself. I don’t apologize either. I’ve never understood the impulse to smother people with yourself and make their day suck, and yours (I have to assume) too. Maybe  you can’t help yourself – you come from generations

There are concepts, and there are design options (or versions). They aren’t the same thing. It may seem trivial to point out the differences, but there are countless situations where the 2 have been interchanged, and someone isn’t happy with the work. Knowing when to do which, is important and limits the times you’ll have