Here’s a bag of chips: If you’ve tried them (they’re Canadian only to my knowledge), you know already, but if you’ve never tried them, imagine what you expect them to taste like, based on the package design. Think about it for a moment. Did you guess “sweet – sort of Maple syrup-like”? Congratulations …you’re dead

Here’s my youtube video on image editing, re-posted. It’s about different image treatments, and a few options to consider when deciding what photos to use. Custom images by Anthony Taylor +6

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For years, and years, I had a basic struggle with creative initiative. I’ll go as far to say that I’ve not entirely overcome it – mostly, yes, but I still get caught. See if this rings true to you: you’re laying out a page, and you’re 3/4s done, and you notice there’s something about the

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Here’s my latest youtube video. It’s a few ways to think about creating mood and emotion in creative. +5

More “getting bad TV spots off my chest”… A negative does not equal a positive. Many times, when creative people don’t have a real idea, they default to “humour”. Sometimes, it’s enough to be funny. It’s better to be clever, but if you can’t get there, funny’s not a bad solution. Provided it’s actually funny.

“You Dance like an IDIOT!” “But he makes my heart feel good.” “O…kay” I hated the first round of spots with the dudes and the grizzly bear. This guy makes me chuckle. Plus, the daughter is hot. The chips suck, incidentally. +4