Sometimes when I do a layout, something just looks off. I’ll check my grid, and my elements, and everything is well assembled, but there’s just something bugging me. Very often, that “something” turns out to be a colour imbalance. Here’s an example of something that bugs me – see if you can pick it out

Play to your creative strengths

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I studied martial arts for years, and I find it holds many relevant concepts that can be applied to every day life. If you watch mixed martial arts competitions, there’s a recurring theme in the fight approach used among the top fighters – fight to your strengths. If you’re a striker, don’t try and grapple

What’s a concept? What’s a layout? What’s an art file? Is there a difference? What does a Creative Director do? When does one get involved and what are they responsible for? Is there a difference between art direction and graphic design? If so, don’t Art Directors design and Designers art direct? If a Graphic Artist

Reason 10: Because your work is beautiful People generally are far more comfortable with things that can be measured, than with things that can be felt. We put a high value on not looking silly, or weird, or like we failed at something. If I fill the pitcher with water, it’s filled. If I empty

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Reason 9: You can’t see the forest for the trees Have you ever seen someone for the first time in 3 years, and immediately blurted out something like, “Wow! You look great!”, or “Jeez, you changed your whole style. I love the blond thing!” or whatever? Happens all the time. The reality is, the big

Here’s a bag of chips: If you’ve tried them (they’re Canadian only to my knowledge), you know already, but if you’ve never tried them, imagine what you expect them to taste like, based on the package design. Think about it for a moment. Did you guess “sweet – sort of Maple syrup-like”? Congratulations …you’re dead