That’s right, buddy!

Whenever my fellow creative types at my last agency gig would encounter something interesting or weird, and then someone made a comment about it, I’d always say, “That’s right, buddy!”, and make this face. It’s a trademark.

Btw, I’m Shawn Barry. You know …that creative guy with the youtube channel. I’ve been in the creative industry for over 20 years working as a graphic designer, an art director, copy writer, illustrator and creative director. Been in large shops and small alike. About 2 years ago, I made the decision to go freelance, and take the concept of “free open-source communication” and apply it to my life. I left behind a 6-figure salary so I could bring you my youtube videos, and spend time on my site where we can all talk about creative things, and learn together.

Additionally, I’m joined on the site by some friends in the industry, and other creative people I like. They’ll add their experience to mine and we’ll all post together, discuss together and learn together. You’re free to join the discussion too. Just register and you can comment on posts and join the discussion. If you don’t want to register, but have questions, feel free to send an email through the site form – you can even attach a layout if you want an opinion.

You may also use this site for information for your own blog or site. Copy and paste from here to there. You may use this is a teaching resource if you find good information here, and send a request if you have a topic you’d like to get my take on, or that of another contributor. But most useful of all, join in the conversations.

Basically, read some posts, contact us or just enjoy the site. Glad to have you around. You’re thinking, “Really? You’re glad to have me around?”

“That’s right, buddy!”

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  1. Roger says : Reply


    I’ve subscribed to you YouTube channel and it’s wonderful! Your tutorials are insightful and wonderful to watch. I’m a graphic designer just starting out. I’ve been at my current employ about 1 year and it’s monotonous. When I try to do new things they reject them, but when I do what is expected then they say my work is dated and should be forward thinking. Quite the conundrum.
    I’m looking to find other employ but don’t have the experience that many of the jobs require. Should I stay where I am for another year or two (driving myself insane and affecting my health)? Or should I try to embark on my own (driving myself crazy and affecting my health and my relationship)?

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