Graphic Design Quick Tip: Measure the message

by / Thursday, 08 May 2014 / Published in Quick Graphic Design Tips

Sometimes when I’m about to do a layout, and I’m relatively certain what my design will look like before I do, I like to think about the measurement of the message. I don’t go as far as creating the following visual aide for myself, but for the benefit of our conversation, here’s an example of what I mean:


The reality is that I’ll create a set of guidelines and just acknowledge where things are, but I’ll create the guides to remind me what importance to put on each element. The “concept” section might contain the theme or brand visual with a snappy (Barry?) headline. The “deal” might be something like, “The NEW Ford Mustang comes equipped with a beautifully appointed…etc/etc/etc…” – basically, what we’re talking about. The “call2act” (or call to action) is something like, “Visit your Ford Dealer now to arrange a test drive…” and so on. Maybe it’s a sale – you get the idea. The “signoff” is the logos, URL, 800# and all that jazz.

It’s a simple looking diagram that holds no design answers, but while you’re on your flight of creative fancy, this little guide will keep you on brief, and well grounded.

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