Bagging Big Ideas and various other encouragements,
Part 3

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In case you missed them, here’s part 1 and part 2.

Don’t be direct

Don’t spoon-feed or state the obvious to your prospect – especially when a visual is already saying it. Image and headlines should complement (assuming both are needed) to make the mind do a little leap to close the gap. Make it clever, indirect, not obvious. If VW had said, “We’re the best” like most others, they would blend in and be lost in the chest-beating crowd. Anyone can do that. Avis Car Rental’s famous “We’re No. 2 ” campaign was a clever angle justifying their tag line, “We try harder,” and thus they appreciate and deserve your business more, implying that they may even be little bit better than No 1, or tugging at your soft-spot for underdogs.

BTW, you can also learn from good Creative Ad / Strategy books, as well as reviewing Award show winners. Which reminds me…

Just to touch on basic strategy decisions, some tools to formulate strategy:
Problem / purpose
What does target want most
What does product possess
Compare to competition
Main benefit – now or future?

Parting shot at herd-based idea generation

Many leading creatives are actually introverts who do their best brainstorming on their own. Although group-brainstorming apparently is most popular, it’s proven* that the best is mainly done solo. Later, creatives can reconvene to share ideas in a supportive atmosphere where laughter, back-and-forth-challenges, etc, could help, but still, I’d say a smaller group is better. BTW, laughter is recognized as a great creative stimulant – some great ideas pop out of nowhere. Top creatives say avoid all other stimulants, and I agree. It’s a trap, and you are not supposed to be a trap-ee!

*Can’t find the source at the moment, but ‘trust me.’ The experiment ran ideas by a panel of judges, who unknowingly picked ideas from individuals over teams by a strong margin.

You should probably also check into these classic works of wisdom, though there are others:
Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, by Luke Sullivan
Cutting Edge Advertising, by Jim Aitchison
The Copy Book, Published by D&AD
The Craft of Copywriting, by Alastair Crompton
Creative Advertising, by Mario Pricken
Truth, Lies, and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning, by Jon Steele

Happy Hunting!


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Part 3”

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