Bagging Big Ideas and various other encouragements,
Part 2

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If you missed part 1, here it is…

Brainstorming / Ideation / Concepting, by any other name, would be as tough

Now that you know a bit more of how to hunt, and what you’re hunting for… you’ll need some bush-beating techniques to flush out the evasive beasts. Try these (sadly, not mine, I learned them from an amazing mentor, Ray Chan), they can trigger a high volume of raw ideas that should in turn mean a better chance of catching a great one.

The Ideas Ball – throw a ball back and forth for a few minutes, the catcher says anything that could be the seeds of an idea . . . maybe record it to review later.

5 ideas in 10 minutes, alone, then reconvene – any loser buys coffee. And doughnut/s.

Free-associate, mindmap (many other methods available with online search).

BTW, I find it helps to stretch the imagination by erring on the side of too outrageous, then if it’s off-brand, reign it back in. Also, when you are sorting through your ideas, it’s easiest to condense each one down to a sketch of some kind, on say a ¼ page size, then put them all up on a wall and try to prioritize / cut out the chaff / chat with others on the team. But do remember to be different.

Quick examples of idea specie-types

A ‘byproduct,’ e.g., an ad for a great-looking sports car shows it simply parked on the street – but on the road beside it are several sets of black tire marks where other cars had braked hard to look at it.

Then there’s ‘the opposite.’ Consider what is typical of the category, then think, ‘what is the opposite’ of what your prospect usually expects to see — and find a relevant way to make it work for you . . . like the famed VW ad with the simple headline “Lemon” and a plain photo of a VW bug. Intrigued, you read the body copy:
“This Volkswagen missed the boat. The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished, and must be replaced.”

The ad then describes meticulous VW quality control, and wraps up with the clever technique of referring back to the headline or intro:
“…we pick the lemons, you get the plums,”

thus making another emotional beach-head with intelligent, subtle humour.

Part 3, coming next week.

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Part 2”

  1. Shawn Barry Shawn Barry says : Reply

    I like your take on the different types of ideas. Smart. Good one, Barry.

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