10 Reasons your work doesn’t suck, number 10

by / Friday, 16 August 2013 / Published in Inspiration

Reason 10: Because your work is beautiful

People generally are far more comfortable with things that can be measured, than with things that can be felt. We put a high value on not looking silly, or weird, or like we failed at something. If I fill the pitcher with water, it’s filled. If I empty a package of Kool-Aid into the water in the right amounts, it will taste as expected. It isn’t up to me to make it taste good. I can pass that off on Kool-Aid, and whether everyone likes Kool-Aid or not.

Give me lemons, sugar, some tea bags and an hour deadline …well, that’s a whole new thing.

Every creative exercise, whether finger painting, logo design or composing a symphony is a personal interpretation of something, whether meaningful to you in itself or not, and presented from the heart. This is a confession. You’re admitting to something with each act of creativity. “This is how all this stuff looks to me, inside my head.” That’s pretty intimate. A poem, a song, a painting …and yes, a layout.

Each time you’re willing to put your feelings on the line, and sometimes your personal worth as you may see it, to present your take on the idea of the day, you give a part of yourself you can’t take back. It’s there, for all to see. You can’t un-do the image, the tune, the sound, the colour or the impression it leaves the beholder with.

That, friend …takes guts. It’s a remarkable series of gifts you give out daily. It’s not a pitcher of Kool-Aid – its a personal creation shared in a naked form with no expectation of repayment – just the hope that, “It doesn’t suck”. Beautiful.

So, don’t worry. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t doubt every layout. Every font. Every colour, or line work, image, headline, illustration, icon …or whatever. You’re shaping the cultural landscape through communication. What a profound privilege, and equally scary notion. But just remember, you’re not alone and I’ve got your back.

You’re doing it right.

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