10 Reasons your work doesn’t suck, 7 of 10

by / Thursday, 08 August 2013 / Published in Inspiration

Reason 7: The butterfly effect.

There isn’t one answer to any layout. There’s no such thing as the right or wrong way to do something. There’s the simple truth that if what you are trying to communicate is there, on the page (virtual or literal), you succeeded. Here’s another dose of reality:

The worst creative layout you’ve ever seen, or that anyone has ever seen …or that has ever been created (if you could even know that) is EXACTLY as effective, as the best creative layout you’ve ever seen, or that anyone’s ever seen …or that has ever been created.


Does it look as good? Is it as “elevated” a design? Will it improve anyone’s understanding of the creative product? Is it as colourful, vibrant, cool, classy, awesome or award winning?

Doesn’t matter.

Does it communicate that this is $10 OFF, or that the address is 123 Main street, the event is Saturday or to bring your own lunch? <- THAT’s what matters. There’s no value – I repeat – NO value, to an amazing design that doesn’t communicate the message. Is it awesome to look at? That’s subjective, but lets’ say it is. Now what? No one showed up for the sale – but they all really liked that cool illustration.

It’s random – like the butterfly effect.

If you communicate clearly, first – job #1 is done. All the cool stuff that comes after that is where the fun can be had, as long as you don’t sacrifice clarity. So, make the communication clear, and deliver on the objectives, and you’re doing it right. Work that communicates, is good work. Period. And, good work doesn’t suck.

Three more – I bet you’re on pins and needles of anticipation.

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