Graphic Design Quick Tip: Create graphic balance on your page

by / Tuesday, 23 July 2013 / Published in Quick Graphic Design Tips

An easy concept that’s sometimes more challenging to implement in your designs is graphic balance. If you’re using a thin typographic treatment, what kind of graphic icons, keylines and buttons will work best? Well, there’s obviously no one answer to that question. That’s the magic of design …discovering that graphic balance for each creative project. Here are a couple examples of unbalanced design:








In the above examples, the fonts are pleasant, reasonable choices, as are the icons. Together, however, neither case works well. You may disagree on one or the other (or both), but as a rule, the line-weights, texture and style of the elements are pretty mismatched. Here’s an example of a well matched font and icon graphic (in my opinion):





Modern line art style with simple angles and colours, paired with a modern font with strong symmetrical lines and great “geometry”. The size of the icon to the type isn’t ideal, but I’m not showing you a layout, rather a successful match of style. You get the idea.

There’ll be plenty of layouts you’ll do that you will REALLY want to use some cool new series of graphics on. But, they might not match. Remember, balance of elements is as important as a single cool element. All the stuff on your page has to play nice with one another. When you find that really cool graphic you can’t make work on this layout, save it for next time. You’ll have another chance¬†(plenty, in fact) to use it again. Achieve good balance first, then walk on the high-wire.

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