Graphic Design Quick Tip: make your presentations slicker, easily

by / Saturday, 20 July 2013 / Published in Quick Graphic Design Tips

A great, and super-simple way to elevate your creative presentations, is with an eyebrow line and a simple page slug on your creative pages. It’s amazing how much more organized your work will be and how much better it will show when you set up a clean simple presentation template for client meetings.

Here’s how I often set up the top left of the page template, when I show creative concepts to a client. I place a simple logo as an eyebrow to the page, like this…


The idea is, if the laser, board or PDF gets passed around, it’s branded as your creative. Not egotistically, but just for clarity. Inevitably, someone will ask, “Where did these concepts come from?” Good to set it up at the start. Next, use a bottom left slug to describe the concepts as they’re presented, like this…


The concept number makes it much easier to follow up with the client later, or get feedback. “I really like concept 3.” It’s easier than, “I like the concept with the cool colours. You know …the cool one.” It also lets the client know, when you’re speaking to them, you take the time to acknowledge them. It’s a minor compliment, and it adds to your professionalism. Small gesture, yes, but it really helps tighten your work up and makes it easier to sell your concepts and designs. So, an entire page with a concept might look something like this…


It’s a little thing, that goes a long way. To really make an impression, ALWAYS offer to present your creative to the client, rather than just hitting “Send” with an attachment and note, saying, “Here are some layouts. I hope you like them. Bye.” Presenting gives you the opportunity to remind your client how much work went into the design and concept process. They’ll appreciate your passion for the ideas too. Give it a shot.

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