Dumb TV commercial #1 (of many)…

by / Monday, 06 May 2013 / Published in Art direction

I’m a creative professional, so really stupid TV commercials stick out in my mind. Its part of the creative process to shake an idea down and check it for weak spots. In other words, if you can poke holes in it and reveal the crappy-ness of an idea, you try another one.

…apparently, the agency for Swiss Chalet has never tried that.

The spot’s story is that there’s a big family reunion and it gets rained out so they all go to Swiss Chalet instead. Personally, I’d just wait till the rain let up, but whatever. (I couldn’t find the spot online – not surprisingly)

That’s hole number 1.

They all seem to be more pleased with their $12 fast food than the wasted food they obviously prepared for the picnic. They’re so pleased at this superior plan, that rather than talk about family, and “I miss you” stuff, they go on and on about chicken and salad. Nevermind, they’ve all been to a Swiss Chalet before so this should be no surprise. They’re too stupid to remember when they were there last.

That’s hole number 2.

14-ish year old girl actually says, “Wow! Tomato and cucumber salad!” The writers obviously are 49 year old males who’ve never, …NEVER spoken to a teenager.

That’s hole number 3.

Now, enter “Super Idiot” … he is of the following opinion: “Mmmm, wow, this chicken is worth the 3 hour drive.” What a complete moron. There was a Swiss Chalet 9 minutes from his house, but this made a 3 hour drive worth it? Wrong. It made him a total bonehead for being that stupid.

That’s hole number 4.

Finally, a woman passionately confirms …”Let’s do this again, next year.” Yup, everyone wants to repeat a mistake. Though, it is likely that this table of less than bright types, may just be that stupid.

That’s hole number 5.

Okay, that’s OFF my chest …but unfortunately, the spot is still ON my TV.

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